[Q] Do I need to be expert in mathematics to become a great programmer?

(I am assuming by "programming expert" you mean "a good software developer/engineer" by your usage of words like "build many constructive things out of it")

TL;DR version If you want to become a web/mobile application developer, you don't need to be very good at mathematics.

If you are interested in fields like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Statistical analysis, you will require good mathematical skills if not exceptional.

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[Q] Which is a better way to learn web development: self-taught route or intensive bootcamps?

My recommendation: self-taught route

"Rome was not built in a day"

If you are dedicated enough to devote ample time to learn web development, I would certainly suggest self-taught route.

During my initial years, I used to build a website in a day, delete it at the end of the day and start on a new one the next day. The emphasis here is not much on building, but on the experience that you gain while building. "Its not the destination that matters, its the journey". Recently, I read a blog about a developer using the same technique - Jennifer Dewalt | 180 Websites

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