Digest - 16th October, 2016

I will start with a great GIF this impressive bowling form and a even better release.

I enjoyed watching this pretty dated YouTube video featuring Warren Buffett and Bill Gates about success. I just stumbled upon this video and I have never seen any of Buffet's videos or read his work before, I enjoyed clarity in his thoughts as well as his simple way of explaining fairly complex ideas.

Few interesting discussions on Reddit, one about Why are we trying to colonize Mars. One takeaway for me from this discussion was how you don't often realize that such ambitious targets increase the rate of innovation, while solving difficult problems like these we find better solutions for our current problems. As from one of the comments:

"As Neal deGrasse Tyson said, for every dollar invested in NASA, there is a $14 economic return just from the innovation that comes out of solving problems. Pyrex bakeware came out of trying to develop rocket noses, WD-40 was the 40th attempt at making a compound that would Displace Water, that's Water Displacement attempt #40, the internet as a whole came out of a scientists who wanted a better way of linking scientific papers to the documents they cite in their bibliographies."

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Digest - 9th October, 2016

Here is a quick weekly roundup about things I liked or found worth sharing this past week. I am inspired by @punchagan's "What I Liked" posts and this seems like a great idea to pursue.

I really liked this blog series on Functional Programming, it starts with a good introduction and gradually warms you up to the various functional concepts.

I am huge fan of the Hidden Brain podcast, and this last week I loved two of their episodes.

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