A few weeks back, I wrote DropHere. Its written using CoffeeScript, Node.js and Express.js and some HTML5 Drag and Drop APIs.

I created this project as a simple drag-and-drop file uploading service. It uploads files to relevant file uploading service. For example, if you drop an image file, it will be uploaded to Imgur and similarly text files will be uploaded to Pastebin.

You can check out the live demo over here.

The main reason behind this particular project was that often I need to share code snippets and screenshots with colleagues, friends and then I have to take a screenshot and then go upload to the relevant service or just mail it. Being the kind of lazy I am, I thought of build this app and learning some new stuff on the way :).

This was more of a learning project for me, trying to build complete javascript applications for a Python developer like was a completely different experience, a journey to explore CoffeeScript, Node.js and Test-driven development(TDD).

How to use

  1. Go to http://drophere.herokuapp.com/.
  2. Drag any image or text file from your computer.
  3. Drop it into the browser.
  4. Watch it upload and generate the link.

I would love to hear suggestions and feedback on this project.