Here is a quick weekly roundup about things I liked or found worth sharing this past week. I am inspired by @punchagan's "What I Liked" posts and this seems like a great idea to pursue.

I really liked this blog series on Functional Programming, it starts with a good introduction and gradually warms you up to the various functional concepts.

I am huge fan of the Hidden Brain podcast, and this last week I loved two of their episodes.

The first one titled Episode 43: The Perils of Power which discusses how power can influence our relationships and social life. One notable quote from the podcast that really stood out for me is " the bullies and the Machiavellians, the sociopaths, they get a little bit of attention early. But over the long haul - and this is true in other contexts - they don't have as much power as they would like to. And instead, what studies find now numbering in the dozens, it's really the the connecting kid, the empathetic kid, the kid who's really open and curious who really rises in the esteem and the ranks of the class."

The second one titled Episode 44: Our Politics, Our Parenting which discusses how our hidden moral frameworks can shape our view of politics, or to put it simply how the way your family is run can alter your political views. I was amazed by the research cited in this podcast and the findings.

I also liked this documentary by BBC World Service titled Fixing India's Car Crash Capital. I liked the way they surveyed different areas in the country, collected some depressing statistics and the presented humbling stories about people who are doing their part to fix this menace.

Neural Networks are all over the place and this youtube video on how Convolutional Neural Networks work is a great and easier to follow introduction on the topic.

This TED talk on CRISPR by Ellen Jorgensen debunked a lot of myths I had about the technology in general. This video by Kurzgesagt provides a nice overview of how CRISPR works. I would like to hear your take on gene editing and designer babies.

I played Coup and 7 Wonders for the first time last week. Both of these are addictive as hell, looking forward to spending many more hours playing these games.

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