It has been a while since my last digest (previously known as weekly) post. This is mostly because I am not consuming as much information online. So, here is a list of things I liked on the internet and I think are worth sharing.

I am just in awe of this amazing work by Mike Kelly. The series is called Airportraits and the artist has merged more than 8 hours of air traffic at various airports in a single picture. You can also check this gallery out.

Hidden Brain Episode 53: Embrace the chaos discusses how disorder can actually be good. To quote an interesting stat from the program, "And yet, the economists found looking at the people who took the same route to work every day, who then changed their route during the strike - thousands of them, about 5 percent, thousands upon thousands - stayed with the new route. So these are people - this is the optimum population for having honed their route to perfection. And yet, 1 in 20 of them discovered that when they were forced to find a new way, they found a better way." Now when you walk into your go-to restaurant, try ordering something you have never tried before. It is not just chaos in decision making, but this episode also discusses how chaos can be used as a weapon in politics or as a tool for self improvement.

I found this nice little guide on How to order your drink from a bartender which hopefully will help me and you make a better decision next time we are at a bar and looking to try a drink. Honestly, I'll just have a beer.

This reddit comment by /u/lemineftali is about how regular exercise helped them get their life back on track, and emphasises why always growing in life is so important.

The Talk by SMBC introduces you to Quantum Computing topics in a very simple way. I am not a Quantum Mechanics expert, so I can't vouch for the veracity of this comic but its a fun read nonetheless.

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